• Allison Grippe

Why Struggle is Good

Life was never meant to be lived easy. Whoever told you "go for what's easy" was most likely a loser! I say this with confidence because if you look at successful people today and in the past, you will find that most all of them struggled. Why is this? Was it the struggle that made them successful or were they successful because they struggled? The answer is both! 

           Was it the struggle that made them successful?:  Ever hear the saying "Only when the old foundations crumble can you begin to build again on new and solid ground." This quote couldn't be more accurate when looking at very wealthy and award winning life coach, Tony Robbins. At 17 years old Tony Robbins left his extremely abusive environment with nothing to his name and no money in his pockets. He worked as a janitor to pay his bills, which most of the time he couldn't pay. In his free time he would wait by the pier and watch club members wine and dine, sometimes even going inside to buy lunch if he had a few dollars to spare. Not going to college, Tony studied those people around him to learn about their lifestyle and habits. Through that he manifested a mentor, who today helped him become one of the wealthiest men on this planet. His struggle is what helped him define what he wanted, and he became successful after taking action to create those things. Kevin Trudeau said it best "Most people have to get sick and tired, of being sick and tired to want to change." Isn't that true? I'm sure we all know someone who has had a health scare that changed their life...well, it changed their life because they decided to change when struggle came their way. They changed because they desired a certain outcome. My loving Aunt Luanne  is a great example of this! After having a terrifying health scare that almost took her life, she decided to make a few lifestyle changes. She decided to stop drinking diet pop, and start walking more. It's been 6 months sense her scare and she has been crushing her heath goals. I saw her this Thanksgiving and was blown away by how amazing she looked, and not only that, but how terrific she felt. She was so excited to talk about her achievements, and I was so happy to listen. Her new life has given her a sense of fulfillment and that may have never existed without the struggle. 

                Were they successful because they struggled?:  If you're like me, you watched a lot of Disney's Hercules as a child. What I didn't perceive as a child but now see is the powerful message behind the Hercule's story.  It shows that success has to be earned, it is not given. Hercules had to perform 10 Labours before he would be given the gift of immortality from Zeus. He had to prove he earned the reward of immortality, before he achieved his goal of attaining it.  Professional athletes go through something very similar.  Look at Allison Schmitt for example; 4 time Olympic gold medalist. Do you think she won those medals by treading lightly? No!!! She had to put in countless hours at the pool, make sacrifices, and break records to even qualify for the Olympics. If she sat on the side and never took action, she would have never won 4 gold medals. This is a lesson we can all take away. I know many people who can talk the talk, but they are scared to walk the walk. There are many people with brilliant minds and bodies, that don't take any action because they are scared of struggling.  Why? Because it's EASY to not struggle! But, remember going for what's easy will NEVER get you the life of your dreams...unless you dream small, which won't bring you fulfillment anyway. If you want something bad enough you will take action, and struggle! Something will manifest when you are focusing on your goal, and working hard to get there. If you struggle, its only the world testing you to see if you're worthy of the reward you're striving for. Show the world you're worthy and work past your struggle(s).  

              If you are struggling; you are not alone, you are not different, you are not a bad person, you are not stuck, you are not lost, you are not unworthy you are simply finding your way and at the same time creating a way to a better life for yourself and those around you.  It's normal to struggle. You are not a victim to your struggles! God gave you them to prove you are worthy of the abundance he has in store for you. Struggle now, have fun later! Struggle can be a good thing! 


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