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Releasing Irritation 1 Tip At A Time

Have you ever noticed how fast people can flip a switch from feeling terrific to feeling irritated? If not, here is an example: Have you ever stubbed your toe? One second your walking just fine, and the next you're inside your own head shouting vulgar words while hopping on one foot. We can go from feeling terrific to feeling totally angsty and irritated within the matter of seconds. I learned after observing myself and others in a multitude of different situations that this doesn't have to happen! In negative events we tend to give our power to the event which unknowingly makes us a victim to our outside circumstance. I don't know about you, but I refuse to be a victim! If I stub my toe on a table I refuse for that table to take my joy away! That negative event doesn't have to take your joy away either, you can keep feeling good (or good as possible depending on the situation) even when life throws an unexpected event your way. All you have to do is seek understanding.

Recently, I was flying out of the Fargo airport when the man in front of me in the TSA security line was told he couldn't take his bathroom bag on the plane due to the amount of liquids he had packed. Instantly, the man was angered and the lady behind me scoffed at the man and even said "Now we are going to have to wait even longer." In this situation, everyone around me became irritated due to circumstances outside of their control. Instead of joining them in their pity party, I sought understanding.

1. Understanding The Man: The man in front of me simply didn't understand that he is only able to bring liquids of 3.4 ounces or less onto the airplane. Simple mistake.

2. Understanding the Woman: The woman behind me simply didn't understand that this stuff happens in a TSA line, and that her commentary wouldn't speed up the process whatsoever.

3. Understanding Myself: Being aware that I do not have to be a product of my outside circumstances. That my life can be full of ease and peace regardless of those around me. Trusting the process is better than trying to fix something that's out of my control.

"Everything that can irritate us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves."

- Carl Jung

We are in control of much more than we realize. <3

Love you guys!

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