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GUEST BLOG - Gianna - How to Maximize Productivity to Create Space in Your Life

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much to Allison for having me as a guest on The Weekly Tip with Grippe! I’m so excited to get the chance to chat with a new audience this week and I know my message will resonate with you, babes! 

My name is Gianna (Gi for short), and I am the creator of Down-Dog to Up-Dog, a blog that strives to help women heal through yoga and self-care, and ultimately become more in-tune with their true-selves. I believe in the healing power of yoga and that self-care is a necessity, not a suggestion. I am not only a badass yogi, but also a huge mental health advocate. I talk openly about my past struggles with mental health, and I hope to be a light for other young adults who can relate. Fun fact: I live and work in NYC with a day job in fashion! 

Enough about me… let’s get to it! Today I’m sharing how you can maximize your productivity to create space in your life. I’ll be sharing scheduling and productivity hacks that will have you feeling like a total boss babe. And even better, they’ll create more time and space in your life for the things that you really enjoy and that fill up your soul!

3 Ways to Maximize Productivity

1. Schedule out your week in advance. My work schedule can vary from week-to-week, and this inconsistency is often a struggle for me, because I’m someone who craves structure. I combat these feelings by scheduling out my week and having a game plan. I plan everything from my workouts and meals to my outfits and errands. Get specific here! Write out goals and what you hope to accomplish each day. Pro tip: schedule in your self-care! I’ve found that when I get super busy, this is when my self-care rituals fall by the wayside. This is a way to ensure you are still penciling in time for yourself to get your mind right!

2. Try out passive multi-tasking. I got this one from the ultimate babe, Lauryn Evarts, of The Skinny Confidential. Let’s get one this straight- multi-taking and passive multi-taking are NOT the same thing! Multi-tasking is trying to juggle too many things at once and this may often take more time than trying to complete the two tasks independently. On the flip side, passive multi-tasking is a game-changer. It means doing something productive or of value while simultaneously doing something that does not take much of your attention (i.e.- while you are getting a manicure, commuting to work, riding the bike at the gym). I use these opportunities to do things like read, answer emails, and gain some insight by listening to podcasts. Get the difference, babes? 

3. Give time-batching a try. The idea is to group similar tasks together and work on them one after the other for a designated amount of time. This saves your brain time from having to switch between dissimilar tasks. I use the timer on my phone to keep me on track. You could even buy a time cube, if you prefer something more visual to keep you accountable.

How to Hustle Mindfully

The key to effectively utilizing the steps above is to hustle mindfully. Don’t get so attached to your to-do list that it becomes like a ball-and-chain. I call myself a recovering perfectionist, and I know this pitfall all too well. I used to totally beat myself up over not accomplishing everything I had planned. Instead, practice showing yourself grace. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get stuff done. Remember, babes, you are NOT your to-do-list! Your worth is so much greater than that. 

The idea is that if you use the above steps to your advantage, you will create more space and openness in your life for the things that you love- the things you are truly passionate about. Take time to do the things that fill you up! For me, it’s yoga, meditation, writing, and spending time with loved ones. Doing these things keeps me aligned with my true-self.

Sending you all love and light! Come say hi on Down-Dog to Up-Dog ( and! I’d love to connect with you, babes!



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