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Choosing Authenticity Over Fitting In

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

If you’re reading this and never felt pressure to fit in, I congratulate you. Keep living your authentic and beautiful life! If you have felt the pressure and are like me, keep reading because this blog is for you!

For the longest time I felt like a fish out of water, desperately wanting to find my pond. I wanted to fit in and hang with the cool kids. Being, acting, and thinking like someone I wasn’t became my only option to feel accepted and normal.

I say “normal” because I literally thought everyone was trying to be something they weren’t. It was my way of accepting my unnatural thinking patterns. As a result, I lost touch of who I was.

I mean, I didn’t have to think for myself because there was a blueprint the school counselor set up for me. Get good grades, work hard, and get into a good college. Get a corporate job where you can climb a corporate ladder and have status. Be busy because it’s a sign of success, even if you’re miserable. Buy things because they’ll make you happy. This “normal” way of thinking didn’t sit right with me.

In May of 2014 I thought for myself and took massive action. I decided to take the leap of faith and throw away my counselors mental blue-print. This wasn’t easy but it was right. It felt difficult because as humans, we are inherently people pleasers who want to fit in—to not rock the boat. But we are also humans who want to be successful—try to stand out. For some reason I decided to rock the boat and follow my internal guidance system. It could have been the fact that I got physically sick thinking about the “normal” way people lived. (In debt, full of anxiety, materialistic) or it could have been the fact that for the first time God was telling me to think for myself, be authentic, and enjoy my unique journey.

My approach to being authentic was unique, and the best thing I ever did for my future. I decided to not go to college, join a success club, travel the world and learn from mentors. (my councilor was not happy, but that’s another story) Within a year I owned my own LLC creating Apps with Apple and Android. I was my own boss! I always desired to be my own boss; this was an achievement after overcoming so much adversity.

Later, I became connected with some light filled individuals that brought coaching into my life. Now, I’m a certified coach and use my LLC for much more than app creation. I’m connected with people all over the world doing business where I please.

Why am I telling you this? When you EMBRACE and LOVE your AUTHENTIC being you will align your energy to what it is you want. That energy will be transmitted into the universe and you will watch each one of your desires come into manifestation. IT’S LAW!

This didn’t just happen for me! I’m not lucky or different. Yes, I’m authentic but so are you. Thats the power you need to harness!

So how do you connect with your authentic self? Try this!

Ask yourself what you used to dream about as a kid, what is it that you admire most about others, what legacy do you want to leave the world? What do you love to do, and do you make time for these things?

I recommend seeking out like-minded people. Not only do we feel at ease with them, but they help us grow in accordance with our true beings.

Things will continue to pop up in your life, challenging your authentic being. I find it fun! If your perception isn’t there yet, keep listening to yourself and it will shift! When challenges arise, it’s great to use your authentic thoughts to work everything out. Things will align if by magic!

Follow your own dreams, not those that society prescribes to you. Embrace who you are! Take on the challenge! Make decisions based on your unique values and the legacy you want to leave behind. Rediscover what matters to you instead of worrying about what you think you ‘should’ be doing. Harness your power. Make time for the people you love and the priorities you set. Stay authentic you in ALL you do, and watch your dream life appear in front of you.

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