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8 Hot Things To Do When You're Frozen in Fargo North Dakota.

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Welcome to Fargo, North Dakota, where you can't live without a snow plow or a parka!

Am I right? I mean for real...Is winter done yet? As a community, I noticed I'm not the only one sick of winter but unfortunately we have a few more chilly months ahead of us. Determined to make the most of this winter I decided to document my favorite things to do in Fargo. To my excitement, I found many uplifting and warm activities that I can do by myself or with others.

Listed below are 8 of my favorite things to do when I need a mini in-town escape:

Try An Activated Charcoal Latte at Atomic Coffee :

Make your walk downtown less brutal by equipping yourself with a hot drink from Atomic! Not only will they blow you away with the wide variety of hot beverage options; but the sandwiches, breads, and biscotti will take your breath away! Everything is so yummy! It's hard to choose! I narrowed it down and my go-to order is a medium activated charcoal latte with a vegan-gluten free brownie! The latte taste like an almond joy, and the brownie is decadently rich!

Drink a beer by the fire at Wurst Bier Hall:

Get "Hoppy" at Wurst Bier Hall in West Fargo! The cabin-like ambience makes cold beer drinking enjoyable even in the midst of winter! My preferred seat is by the fireplace where I can absorb extra heat while browsing their unique German menu! I enjoy ordering a Tallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale, alongside an order of Bavarian Pretzels! Both are delicious!

Attend A Fargo Force Hockey Game:

This has been a Grippe family "get-out of the house we are all going stir crazy" favorite activity for years! There is something fun about going to a hockey game and cheering on the boys...especially when it's in a heated arena! Even if you don't like hockey, there are many food and beverage booths throughout the stadium! My mom and I usually find ourselves waiting for a glass of wine!

Take A Fire Light Flow Class at FIT Hot Yoga:

Hot yoga has been warming my body, mind, and soul this winter. There are many studios in Fargo, so I thought I'd narrow down your search and recommend FIT Hot Yoga in West Fargo. I love the variety of classes, the body-positive instructors, and the sparkling clean studio! For a great late night practice, they offer a class called Fire Light Flow for all levels. There aren't many places that you can relax, let go, and break a sweat all at the same time!

Eat from the lunch buffet at Passage to India:

Spice up your winter day with lunch at Passage to India! The aroma of fresh spices and fiery foods will hit you as you walk through the door! I'd recommend the lunch buffet because it's not only a great deal but there are over 20 entree options! The Chicken Ginger Soup, Tikka Masala, and Mango Ice cream are a few of my favorite items to pick up! Oh, and If buffet's aren't your style they have a menu where you can order a la carte! S/O to my wonderful yoga instructor, Andrea, for recommending this hidden gem!

Enjoy a performance at FMCT:

Escape to the theater for a night of entertainment! I'm a sucker a good live performance! Luckily, FMCT provides the community with a fun variety of live performances throughout the year. Whether you enjoy musicals, plays, or concerts FMCT will have a show for you! The theater is located in the heart of Island Park near Downtown Fargo, making it a convenient stop for you dinner-and-a-show lovers!

Buy A Sweater At Leela and Lavender:

Ladies, warm up your wardrobe and get to this boutique! I live in my warm sweaters and boots that I bought from Leela! They have so many trending styles and brands such as Kendra Scott, Free People, and my favorite Sorel. If you aren't the only lady in your friend group that needs a night out, Leela offers complimentary private shopping nights where they cater in warm appetizers and tasteful drinks for you and your girl gang! Sweaters, wine, and the girls? Does it get any better?

Schedule A Salt Float Therapy Session at Hair Success:

Unthaw with Salt Float Therapy at Hair Success! Being someone who loves day spas and baths, I was happy to find that Hair Success offered Salt Float Therapy. For 60 minutes you can float in the warmth of a tranquil salt filled spa specifically designed to help you release stress and relieve physical pain. This is a service you have to try when the winter stress kicks in.

I get it...some days you have to stay in! But when you can get out, remember to make the most of it! There are lots of new activities, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and events to check out in the F/M area! I'd love to know your favorites! Shoot me a message or comment below!

Stay cozy and travel safe! Never forget to utilize apps such as Uber and/or Lyft...especially if you hit up Wurst Bier Hall!

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