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6 Go-To Items For A Happy Tummy

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Dealing with indigestion is a pain! There is nothing worse then canceling plans with friends/family just so you can spend the night in bed with a heating pad and huge glass of water. This blog post is dedicated to all you tummy sensitive individuals who are looking to enjoy life outside of the bathroom.

DIGIZE: I fell in love with essential oils after using lavender on a severe burn. Being a fan, I decided to research which oils would help with digestion. After purchasing and trying many different brands, I found a favorite. Young Living's Digize Oil goes everywhere with me. I keep it in my purse and I also keep a sample size bottle in my car, in case of emergency.


Peppermint is one of my other go-to oils for tummy pain. I'll use peppermint if I have a headache/migraine that makes my stomach turn. Peppermint is usually less expensive and easier to find. Most of the time I buy my oils from a Young Living or Doterra rep. because I can ask them questions on how to use the oils safely. However, the oils take time to be delivered so be prepared to wait.


Each bottle of Live Kombucha is packed with probiotics and enzymes that promote good digestion. Why I like Live over other kombucha drinks is simple... All of them taste like soda-pop! I'm not a pop drinker, but I love that I can find something healthy, sweet, and good for my body all in one bottle. Doctor is my favorite flavor because it taste like the popular drink we all know as Dr.Pepper.

KEYBITOICS by Whole Body Research:

With so many probiotics on the market I found it difficult to find one that was high quality. I love knowing this probiotic is 100% natural, and is free of any color dyes or preservatives. Trust me, quality is important. I learned that quality was important when I first found Keybitoics and went from always having stomach pain, to digesting almost anything with ease. My own father and grandmother saw the positive impact and now they both take their Keybiotics daily. There are a lot of happy tummies in the Grippe household! (This is a product you'll need to order online)


Chocolate that is good for me? No way! I was excited to find Good Day products at the grocery store after reading positive reviews online from people struggling with digestion. Now, I carry these cute chocolate supplements in my purse everywhere I go. When the tummy takes a turn, these probiotic chocolate supplements uplift my spirit and help me get rid of the pain. I also love their Sleep Supplement for restless nights.


Coming from a girl who doesn't enjoy the taste of spicy ginger, I must say, these hard candies are pretty delicious! Good Day Chocolates and Keybiotics are each supplements, but Gin-Gins are not. This means you can take a Gin-Gin without the worry of over supplementing. I catch myself having one of these candies when I'm nauseated. To me, feeling nauseated doesn't always mean tummy pain. The ginger settles my stomach, which puts me at ease.

Regardless if these products work or don't work for you, don't lose hope next time your stomach turns. Indigestion happens! We live in a society full of foods that are disguised as "good". Do your best to try new things that may work for you. Hopefully these products allow you to have more freedom with less tummy pain!

Overachievers: Along with nurturing your stomach, it's important you nurture your mind. For anyone seeking better health, Louise Hay recommends reading this affirmation daily: "Wellness is The Natural State of My Body." This affirmation is positively changing my mindset around my body and the natural processes it goes through. If you want to learn more about this affirmation and others, I would 10/10 recommend the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.

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