• Allison Grippe

5 Steps To Becoming a Boss

Even the most advanced individuals understand that becoming a leader is rewarding yet a continuous journey of learning and self development. It isn't until their first career that their leadership traits are shaped. They are shaped by the people, the environment, and the work load. Most of the time, people's first job aren't lined up with their dreams. (Ex. My first job was at a tanning salon when I was 17. It was great because I learned a lot about personal responsibility, but it wasn't a job that lined up with where I saw myself in 10 years) To get in alignment with our dream life, it is most important to reshape the skills, traits, and belief systems that were once taught to us. All highly successful people know that the people who quote on quote "make it" are the ones that are constantly working on themselves and reshaping their paradigms. They are the people that are becoming leaders in their fields! They are becoming a BOSS!

     In 2014 I began studying habits of successful leaders! I read books on Tony Robbins, Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs and many more. From that time until now I have learned that every successful leader was also their very own boss. They weren't bosses because of the businesses they owned, though most of them had their own companies. They weren't bosses because of their financial income, even though most of the them had an enormous amount of wealth. And they weren't bosses because of the number of human lives they inspired, though most of them have given back in incredible ways . They were bosses because they understood that they had 100% control over their own lives. Tony Robbins says  "Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life." It was because they knew they were in control, that they created what they wanted. That's how the Dalai Lama was able to give back to others, how Tony Robbins created his own company, and that's how Steve Jobs created financial freedom. Best part about this success principle is that all of us can apply it!  Soon as you believe you are the boss of your own life, you will manifest your deepest desires. 


1. Be Open To New Experiences - You never know what lesson you will learn; it could be the one that brings you to the top! 

2. Choose Your Friends Wisely- Surround yourself with people who want to see you win! Powerful people know powerful people! 

3. Self Talk - Remind yourself of how powerful you are! Nobody can love you better then you can love you! 

4. Be Committed - Remember you made a decision to create the life of your dreams. Be committed to succeed. 

5. Give Back - When you uplift others, they will uplift you. Giving to others will help you remember why the hustle is worth it! 

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