• Allison Grippe

3 Tips Everyone Needs To Know When Learning How To Command A Room

The most powerful thing any business professional can do is learn how to command the room in which he/she stands. Have you ever been hesitant to introduce yourself when walking into a meeting? Better yet, have you ever been hesitant to introduce yourself to new friends? Yes! I have been there too. In the past I've stood in the shadows, waited my turn, and ultimately played the timid puppy card. BUT Not Anymore...

Fierce. Fabulous. Female. by Dak & Co.

As a woman in business (and in general) I find it important to be of positive influence in my community, studio, home...and well, pretty much everywhere! I've learned that no matter who you are - if you have a message you want to deliver you NEED to command your audience with confidence and integrity. This doesn't mean barge into someone's home and start to bark orders. It simply means that when you've been invited in, walk into the room with pep in your step and deliver your message with conviction.

Below are 3 daily tips I apply when commanding the room. Once you learn how to exude a silent, magnetic charisma that electrifies others around you, there won't be a single room on this planet that you can't command.

1. Introduce yourself. Don't wait for someone to introduce you. Stand tall. Firmly give a handshake. Make eye contact and most importantly make sure to smile. Let everyone in the room know who you are and strive to make them feel comfortable enough to ask questions and engage. You want people to like you, not fear you. Attract your audience.

2. Pay attention to where you stand or sit during a meeting/conversation. Get in the game. People can't see your strategic plays if you're sitting on the side lines. Oh, and compliment your coworkers/friends smart plays and big wins! There is nothing better than being on a team where everyone wins.

3. Try to stop all fidgeting. Twirling your pen, tapping your foot, or playing with your hair are all distractions that others could remember you by. You want to be remembered as a leader, not a nail biter. Your co-workers or friends will appreciate it too.

The benefits of being able to walk into any social situation and completely own it are innumerable. So, next time you enter a room, forget being fabulous. Heck, forget about commanding the room. Just focus on your intention and how you can make others feel important. Your message, energy, and the room will follow naturally.

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