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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Advice

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

In 2014 I received the best 14 step audio series called Your Wish Is Your Command by Kevin Trudeau. I've listened to these audios 50+ times, and can easily say they're my favorite! These audios became my favorite after I applied one success principle in my life. "Who Do You Listen To!"  Kevin taught me the value of listening to people who have what I want, have been where I have been, and can see where I'm going! When I began listening to those people I began to grow, but before I could grow I first had to identify those incredible people! I realized it only took 3 questions to do so.

Before I listen and seek advice from anyone, I ask myself these 3 questions! If  you answer YES to all 3, that person is someone you will want to listen to, and seek advice from. If you answer NO to those questions, you won't want to take their advice.


I believe this is the #1 question to ask when identifying whether or not you should take someones advice. Ask yourself "Do They Support Me?" If that individual does not have your best interest in mind, and wouldn't help you if you failed, I wouldn't seek advice from them. They could be giving you poor advice because they don't care if you succeed or not! Finding someone who wants to see you succeed, will always try to give you the best advice! 


It's important to listen to someone who has what you want. A lot of people talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Ex. Say you wanted to bake an incredible chocolate cake! Are you going to listen to the pastry chef who is considered an expert at making cakes, or the man who has baked one chocolate cake that didn't turn out. It only makes sense to listen to the pastry chef because he has expert results, and he can give valuable advice based on his own experiences! He has the results, so he must be doing something right! 


We become like the people we are around. Is the person you're about to listen to similar to someone you'd like to become? It is important we are aware of this because of short and long term implications. This question is great when deciding who you listen to at your place of work. I used this question to determine who I should listen to, and seek advice from when it comes to sales! 


I used this tip to decide whether my high school counselor was worth taking advice from. She advised me to go to college, her excuse being that without a degree I would never make a 6 digit income. After I  listened to Your Wish Is Your Command and asked myself these 3 questions, I realized she was someone I shouldn't seek advice from!! She didn't support me, didn't have the results, and wasn't someone I wanted to associate with. That advice may have been great for someone else, but it was not for me! Remember to listen to people who have what you want, and seek advice from those people. Use these 3 questions to help you identify those people! The growth you will notice in your business and personal life will be tremendous! 

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